In an exercise to take up emotional, physical, and sound space, “Inside is mine” brings together expanded theater, photography, and technology to compose a scratchy orchestra of characters that work with sound and light to tell a story about hysteria. Aiming to deconstruct linear narratives, motor driven machines embrace diverse aspects around expressions of emotional distress. In many discriminated communities, these are overridden in order to dismiss the original cause of the emotion and consequently perpetuate power dynamics. Given the history of “hysteria”, and as much as this word has been canceled, many other expressions continue to be used in order to ridicule outcomes of situations that have been provoked to suppress some and benefit others. These situations can only be maintained with entire organizations supporting it; museums, history books, archives and photographs help define the sociology of behavior. Shielded under objectivity, these documents enjoy greater credibility on top of other forms of knowledge, ones that are based on individual stories and that might actually succeed in coming closer to the truth. This piece breaks down points of view around exaggeration in order to give agency, encouragement and the right to fill up a space.

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