Same Room   

Paula, Belen, Marina and I haven’t been together for a really long time. We grew up as one and probably, most of the time spent happened in rooms. Changing and becoming more complex, having all the typical adolescent problems, being multiple, mutating. Then we all started traveling, went to uni, and hopelessly attempted to mature. The other day, together during the lockdown, Belen came with a bag full of sunflower seeds and a coke, and I was on the phone with Tomas but hanged up to take pictures of her, and then Marina joined and then we got Paula to hung up on the phone too and come quickly because there was still some light left and I, for the first time, took pictures of them. And a few days later we were revising the notebooks that we used to write in talking about out experiences of growing up and emails we used to send us talking about friends and boys (unfortunately already spending a lot of time thinking about boys) and weirdly recognizing ourselves, our contemporary personalities, in those left behind, and it all somehow made a lot of sense.