Maite de Orbe is a Spanish multidisciplinary artist living and working in London. She uses she/her pronouns.

In her practice she use the mediums of analogue photography, video, text, technology, and installation in order to create environments and narratives that achieve to unveil and resolve complex dynamics that perpetuate oppressive systematic relationships. Aiming to re-imagine and explore new ways of existing, her focus  is on the themes of data feminism, situated knowledges, theory of representation, queer spaces, and speculative fiction.

She studied a BA(Hons)Photography at London College of Communication and an MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths University.



Wül Magazine, Aesthetica Short Film Festival, iGNANT Magazine, Equal Lense, The Pupil Sphere, Metro Imaging, The Earth Issue, Unveil’d,  Queer House Party, VERVLondon, Invict/Us Magazine, UAL, MomoMag, Excuse Magazine, Artmimo Gallery, Veinte20Mag, Photograd.

Artist CV and prints available under request.
Member of 2020Collective.

off(CAMPUS) - MA Computational Arts WIP Goldsmiths Universiry, online 
‘I Took This Polaroid’ - 7-30 Jan 2021 in Photo St. Germain, Paris, France.


⌾ ‘Collective Hub Exhibition’ - Collective exhibition with 2020Collective at PhotoFringe Brighton. 29 Sept - 31 Oct at Phoenix Art Space, Brigton, UK.
⌾ ‘Three Times Per Day’ -   Collective exhibition ‘Adrift’ with 2020collective, Safehouse1, London, July 2020.
⌾ ‘I Took This Polaroid...’ - Final degree show ‘Three men make a tiger’ with LCC, Online, July 2020.
⌾ ‘I Took This Polaroid...’ - Photograd 2020 Showcase, Online, July 2020.


⌾ ‘Loading...? - Collective exhibition at The Art Academy, London, 2019.
⌾ ‘Raining Men’ - Collective exhibition ‘Environ’ with 2020collective,  Copeland Gallery, London, April 2019.
⌾ ‘Nimia’ - Collective exhibition curated by Serena Mirambeau, private household, London, May 2019.


⌾ ‘Monday Again’ - Collective exhibition at 35North Contemporary Art Gallery, Brighton, November 2018.  
⌾ ‘Monday Again’ - Solo exhibition at Crate Brewery, London, May, 2018.  
⌾ ‘Dialogue//Monologue’ - Solo exhibition at Sala Siroco, Madrid, Spain, April 2018.