-> Lolo & Sosaku investigate the possibilities of sculpture as an expanded field. The nexus
that unites their work is the quest for an object in contact with its surroundings and with
the spectator, an object that seeks friction and tension, exploring the capacity of creating
new meanings.

<- DATEAGLE ART is a London-based contemporary art platform highlighting emerging and under-represented artists, founded in 2017 by curatorial duo Martin Mayorga and Vanessa Murrell; the pair have established a diverse, creative community through their intimate approach to connecting with artists. Cultivating online journal content, studio visits, interviews, offline exhibitions and public programming, the platform engages in an extensive discourse, observed through the lens of the artists they work with.

<- The editorial offers to discuss the subject of normativity and stop to think about the topic of the male gaze in art and photography. Marcos del Rio and Aimar Odriozola, contemporary dancers, become an essential part of constructing and allowing the fluid form in the story to emerge. The body movements, the extended black fabric, the improvisations on set come to symbolize the necessity for fluidity.
Unmelting the gaze is a fundamental appeal that comes in a physical form of unmelting the frozen images supported by a deeper-rooted idea of diversity and acceptance. Maite’s intention is to allow “the opening of a path that allows everyone to be free from the constraints of binary gender.”

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